The Opportunityof Attic Inspections

Why get an attic inspection? I never go up there.



Since the attic is often out of sight when we walk around the house, we can easily forget that it’s even there. Windows, doors, and other parts of your home might be easily spotted. Any problem that is occurring in the attic, though, is harder to see. Whether homeowners know it or not, they could be neglecting several issues — and a big part of the problem is the fact that we don’t actively inspect our attics.  We simply don’t see the problems.

Benefits of an Attic Inspection

Identifying Hidden Opportunities

With the attic being out of sight, it can seem foreign. Even if you did go up there regularly, the structures look different than the rest of your home. With an attic inspection, you get to see through the lens of a professional attic inspector. The experts know what to look for, know how to find the issues, and can easily share everything with you.

Thermal Imaging in Attic

Receiving Extra Insight

Opportunities for improvement in the attic often shed light on even bigger opportunities throughout the home. When a healthy home professional finds something in your attic, you could be looking at more savings and more comfort when you improve your whole-home health.

Actionable Advice

Specific, Actionable Advice

Attic fixes aren’t always one-size-fits-all. What works for one attic may not work for your attic. Based on your attic’s condition, professional inspectors can give you unique advice that you can start taking action on immediately

The Good News


It’s not all doom and gloom, though.

It’s true that many people aren’t seeing these issues — but unseen problems in the attic present some of the largest opportunities for energy savings, improvement of home comfort, and protection of the integrity of structural elements like your roof.

Unseen problems can quickly turn into hidden gems. The difference between the two is one professional inspection.

What Do These Opportunities Look Like?


Many of these opportunities fit into one of three major categories:

– Sealing

– Insulation

– Ventilation

Get Insight Into Your Attic Sealing

Do you have drafts in your house?

The result of poor sealing is know as “air leaking”, and it’s the reason many have cold spots in their home and a big reason why the attic is a major source of wasted energy. These are prevalent issues, but attic inspectors know where to look to spot and stop these air leaks.

Common places air leakages can be found

Attic Door or Scuttle Hole

Recessed Lighting



The air then leaks outside through the cracks or into other parts of the house and wastes the air from your heating system and air conditioner.

The Result?

Wasted energy and needlessly higher utility bills. You continue getting drafts in your home and (literally) pay for the discomfort in your monthly utility bills.

Without a thorough inspection, these air leakages can be difficult to spot — and they can take a toll on your home year-round.

Bad attic damaged wood

Professional inspectors offer insight that would take days when using a do-it-yourself approach.

With professional training, attic inspectors can quickly locate air leakages. These sealing-related issues can all be spotted, targeted, and avoided in for the future with specific solutions from an attic inspector.

Get Insight Into Your Attic Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important things in any part of a house. Insulation is a large part of how you keep your house comfortable. By controlling heat transfer, insulation regulates temperature between inside and outside environments and helps to maintain comfort in your living areas.Where sealing contains your air, insulation maintains your temperature.

Though, like the air leakages, insulation problems can easily go unnoticed when they are in the attic. 90% of homes are under-insulated, and much of this under-insulation can be found in an attic.

Risks of poor insulation in the attic include:

  • Uncomfortable temperatures
  • Loss of home energy
  • Ice damming on the roof
  • Infestation
  • Water leaks

An attic inspector will closely examine the condition of the attic with tools like moisture meters and infrared scanners to get an accurate sense of temperatures in the attic that are having an effect on the entire house.

Attic and Roof

With an attic inspection, homeowners can learn how to improve their temperature, improve energy-efficiency, and reduce the risk of having these issues in the future.


Get Insight Into Your Attic Ventilation

Does it ever feel stuffy in your living room?

When your rooms are stuffy or humid, you can tell you lack ventilation immediately. In these cases, you can open the window or turn on the ceiling fan and your problem is fixed. Lack of ventilation can be elusive, though, when it’s located in the attic. After all, you rarely go up there, and when you do, it’s usually only for a short time.

But when you leave, problems persist.

Effects of poor ventilation include:

  • Structural damage of floors/walls/joists
  • Increased ice damming on your roof
  • Mold and rust from excess moisture
  • Lowered energy efficiency

And attic inspector can quickly spot these issues.

And like sealing and insulation, their are specific cures to ventilation issues. The improvements are one attic inspection away.

With so many potential issues that may be present in your attic,
there are just as many opportunities to make your attic better.

The Attic Inspector Advantage






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