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The home improvement industry is often a fragmented industry.

Different professionals use different methods and tools throughout their inspections and installations.

Roofers, contractors, HVAC professionals, and other in-home professionals can all present different results, and this can lead to lower-quality results and confusion. gets rid of the confusion and makes improving your attic easy. Our inspectors use standardized best practices and tools throughout the entire attic inspection process. Each attic inspector has gone through standardized training, is equipped with the the best tools, and follows specific guidelines to ensure consistent and reliable results for each and every homeowner.

Making It Easy

Powered by yellowblue is powered by yellowblue™.

This means each one of our inspectors is a yellowblue™ independently authorized dealer. Each inspector is backed by yellowblue™ Eco Tech and upholds “The Yellowblue Standard”.

yellowblue™Eco Tech

One of the fastest growing companies in North America, yellowblue™ Eco Tech is at the forefront of the green energy industry leading the way for companies in the same space.

Unlike other companies who have been forced to adopt a “green” focus, yellowblue™ was founded on ecology driven principles.

Further, yellowblue™ prioritizes integrity in its leadership, using proven techniques, and offering the highest level of customer experience.

These values guide every aspect of yellowblue™’s operations and enable it to power to offer homeowners the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Yellowblue™ continues to expand through their continuously growing online publications. serves as an online reference for dealers and homeowners alike.

The site publishes company and industry news as well as detailed product pages that describe the best in-class tools that our inspectors use in homes.

The site also offers an updated blog that covers topics of various sorts. Included in the blog are articles are:

  • General homeowner tips
  • Green industry trends
  • Announcements and archived news
  • Descriptions of top tools
  • Educational articles

Seal Insulate & Ventilate

yellowblue™ Eco Tech also hosts a site for those looking to gain more technical knowledge call “Seal Insulate & Ventilate”.

For people looking to learn more about the technical side of green technology, home improvement, and healthy home practices, Seal Insulate & Ventilate (SI&V) is the premier information resource to go to.

As the brainchild of yellowblue™ Eco Tech, SI&V offers a plethora of educational resources. These resources include:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Articles
  • Expert knowledge
  • Illustrations

Information spans from the basics of insulation and sealing to specific installation tips.

Dealer Requirements — What You Can Expect makes it easy for homeowners to connect with independent yellowblue™ authorized dealers.

You can be confident that the inspector you connect with through is as reputable as yellowblue™ Eco Tech.

Each yellowblue™ independently authorized dealer from AtticInspector has gone through extensive education, upholds legal compliance, and is dedicated to ensuring total homeowner satisfaction.

  1. Educational Requirements — Each new dealer takes part in formal training at the corporate headquarters. Training includes instructions on company systems and tools as well as business ethics and law training.
  2. Commitment To Legal Compliance — All healthy home professionals found through have legally compliant registrations and permits for their specific state of operation.
  3. Customer Service — In addition to inspection and installation training, every dealer takes part in education focused around ethics and offering outstanding customer performance.

*As part of the yellowblue™’s company-wide commitment to continuous education, all dealers use updated training videos that enable them to stay up to date on home improvement best practices.

Setting the Industry Standard

As yellowblue™ Eco Tech expands across North America, its commitment to ethical practices and compliance grows increasingly stronger.

“The Yellowblue Standard” was created so that homeowners can have confidence in the fact that they will receive the same a consistently reliable results from our attic inspectors, no matter where they are in the country.

From California to Maine, every professional from takes personal responsibility in upholding “The Yellowblue Standard”.

What is the yellowblue™ Standard?

“The Yellowblue Standard” is a standardized set of guidelines and practices that leads AtticInspector professionals to conduct inspections efficiently and with consistent results.

By using structured set of best practices and tools, AtticInspector professionals have been consistently able to:

  1. Easily identify the problems inside attics
  2. Compile a clear list of problems for the homeowner
  3. Recommend specific solutions based on these problems

yellowblue™ dealers have conducted tens of thousands of installations across North America while offering the best in-class products with the best warranties.

Each attic inspector is able to run through a checklist of specific items. They are able to quickly offer recommendations based on their findings.

Tools that our experts use include:

  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Moisture meters
  • Radon monitors
  • Infrared thermometer
High Standards

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More comfort in your house and lower energy costs could be hidden in your attic.

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